Adrian Worrall
DataontheEarth represents great people from around the world making data accessible and having fun doing it! Personally I want to be able to look my kids in the eye when they grow up and say I tried...
Boris Michel
One of my key principles is: create better lives. I love using data to have a positive impact on people's every-day lives. Data on the Earth gives me an opportunity to put this passion in the service of a greater good. I hope this project will help the right people to meet and engage to bring forth positive change.
Christophe Brault
Kabir Rab
I like to use my passion for data and use it to help people. At Data On The Earth, using the power of the human mind and data combined, I believe we can truly paint a picture, engage with the people to bring about the changes, build a cleaner, greener future for the next generation.
Kaushik Solanki
Every big change requires a first step and DataontheEarth is that first step. I am excited to be part of this step where data will be provided to the common man using which they can start changing themselves to change the world.
Robert Svebeck
To me, DataOnThe.Earth is about making Earth Data available, accessible and understandable to everyone to help us understand how we should best invest our time, resources and intelligence for that purpose.