Spring hackathon 2021

Spring Hackathon 2021

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We’re excited to announce the official launch of Dataonthe.earth first ever hackathon. Our Spring Hackathon 2021 will run from 1st of April (Its not April’s fool, we promise) to the 30th of April 2021.

We’re looking forward to starting this new data adventure with you all. We are hoping that this virtual hackathon experience will be an incredibly fun, inspiring experience for all the data geeks and environmentalists alike. We are ready and excited to continue supporting everyone as we embrace this new collective working and collaboration space in the goal to help our planet and its inhabitants. 

We would like to create a very friendly space for everyone involved, so we have put some rules and guides for you, to help you along this journey.

  • You must be a registered volunteer at Dataonthe.earth. (You can register here)
  • All users need to be set up on our Qlik SaaS Tenant. Users must have access to exclusive Slack channels and Trello for project management
  • Please use the DotE Slack (dataontheearth.slack.com) to communicate with fellow volunteers and form your own teams
  • Please feel free to contact the trustees at dataontheearth@gmail.com for any help


Hackathon rules
  • You enter the hackathon as a team
  • Minimum team size is 1 person, there are no maximum team limits!
  • Each individual can only be part of one team per hackathon
  • Produce as many apps as you want!
  • Data subjects must fall into one of these headings;
    •  Climate change
    •  Pollution
    •  Deforestation
    •  Water
    •  Biodiversity
    •  Public Health
    •  Waste
    •  Overpopulation
    •  Ecosystem
    •  Weather Events
    •  Natural Disasters
    •  Economic Factors
  • You must provide the core data to accompany your app, along with the link to the specific source
  • All data must be from a public and published / open source (i.e. it must not be commercial / proprietary)
  • Only the built in chart objects should be used in your applications
  • No mashups or web application support for this time around


  • To be completed ready to review by Friday 30th April 2021


It’s not a hackathon if there are no rewards! The biggest reward is the reward of giving and having fun!

  • To become one of the founding contributors to Dataonthe Earth
  • App will be made publicly available for the WORLD to see and use (published on https://dataonthe.earth)
  • Exclusive e-Badge for you to use on your emails / social media posts


Don’t worry about coming up with the next big idea or building the next viral data visualisation. We will have plenty of time for that outside the hackathon. Just focus on helping people find insights from the data, have fun, and make new friends. At the end of the day the skills you learn and the friends you make might lead to the next big break and may even help save the planet one day!

Looking for a squad or want to exchange ideas? Check out the #spring21hackathon channel on our Slack.