Forming Data on the Earth

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On a Saturday in October 2020, 5 data professionals got together to have a chat about an idea they all had … a shared dream … Dataonthe.Earth was born.

The idea of collecting information about our planet together in one place, information that today is stuck in fragmented buckets around the world, accessible for free, but not understandable for most people. Data that is stored in various formats, in different places and with different structures. 

We want to make that data accessible to everyone by creating a visual easy to use online portal, free for everyone to use, with the purpose to make it possible to understand the stories around that data, to show what is happening to our planet, or for that matter, also what perhaps is not happening to our planet, with regards environmental issues, events and mitigating actions.

The concept is simple. With no bias or political stance, we will harvest and refine as much data as we can find, visualise it and post it on our website, so that we have one portal to help us all understand the bigger picture better.

We know how to visualise data, it’s what we do day in day out, in our working lives.  We also thought that the community we live in online may be willing to help us out… so we took action….A Call to Arms

It then got quickly serious as a lot of people started to show interest, so we swiftly adopted a professional attitude to developing a scalable solution that could stand up to scrutiny and have a long lasting shelf life – a generational tool.

Nurturing this embryonic idea we started to draft a mission statement and a code of conduct, creating a website and a communication platform. Formal planning Phase 1 of the project truly commenced and in the interest of transparency see our draft plan below.

Phase 1 (Foundations)

  • Gathering volunteers, building a network
  • Collecting ideas
  • Locating good datasets
  • Communicating our DNA
  • Publishing our first blog post to demonstrate our intent
  • Setting up the infrastructure to enable the development program 
    • Working structure and processes 
    • Servers
    • Software licencing 
    • User admin
  • Setting up initial data mining structures
  • Organising and communicating to the clan of volunteers!!
  • Plan phase 2

Phase 2 (Pre Launch)

  • Launch a first app
  • Form app development teams
  • Define governance and documentation
  • Generate a project management framework
  • Plan phase 3 – Go Live!

So please watch this space, spread the word and stick with us as this could be not only a worthy but fun ride!

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